Creative Thought 2
As a scientist I have always believed in laws.  Laws of Thermodynamics, I was living by them and still do.  I always wondered about the connection between physical laws and what happens in our spiritual thoughts.  was there a connection?  I began to study (and I do everyday) not just […]

Creative Thought works for me: Step 1 of 7

Another world cup analogy(seems befitting!): Germany vs. Spain was a clear example of two concepts, one showed that having all the skills yet forgetting to bring the emotion and passion leads to no result. It’s like sitting on a bicycle but not using the pedals–naturally the result is no movement. […]

Passion and Persistence

"Blame" Copyright by Perseka 2010 Kaveh Adel 2
Let’s face it: most of the time when something goes wrong the first thing we do is look for someone(usually not ourselves) or something to BLAME! I suggest a different way to approach this dilemma. Here it goes: All things happen because there was a thought that preceded a series […]

Blame, Blame, Stop Blaming others for your results!

Calmness……. Think about it for a second.  What does it really mean to you? I personally look at it this way:  Everyday I am exposed to millions of images, sounds, thoughts.  I am  bombarded.  If I would let every single one of those outside items affect me, or form my […]

Calmness of Thoughts

I have been waiting for a flower bud to bloom for a week….. It’s been raining a lot here and virtually no sun. Naturally, the grass had grown uncontrollably and the weeds were a plenty! So all week I was bothered by the fact that I had not had the […]

A Lesson in Inspiration