Calmness of Thoughts 2


Think about it for a second.  What does it really mean to you?

I personally look at it this way:  Everyday I am exposed to millions of images, sounds, thoughts.  I am  bombarded.  If I would let every single one of those outside items affect me, or form my actions I would be a zombie. I have no internal creativity as a result because outside forces, people, things suck my energy out and I unwittingly let it happen!

The truth is, most of us are that way.  Most of us let that be the norm.  Most of us are O.K. with it. Truly, deep inside are we really calm? Are we really clear about what we want?

I see everyday that individuals, even groups of people start with and focus on the results (most of the time failures happening as a result of external forces) which cause thoughts (negative ones) that produce feelings (of failure) that translate into actions (filled with such failures).  That cycle produces worry, grief and uneasiness.

Here is a little gem about what it really means to be calm.  When we become aware of the fact that when we start with our thoughts which produce feelings and those feelings propel us into action that ultimately produce results, then we can rest assured that the external forces do not control us.  That is a calming in itself!

I’ll leave this post with one last thought.  When one becomes self-aware and understands one’s own ability to create and generate creative ideas,  then one will CALMLY give energy to what one wants. And, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said: ” The only thing that can grow is the thing you give energy to.”

As always to your health and success in all your dreams and thoughts,

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