A Lesson in Inspiration 1

I have been waiting for a flower bud to bloom for a week….. It’s been raining a lot here and virtually no sun.

Naturally, the grass had grown uncontrollably and the weeds were a plenty! So all week I was bothered by the fact that I had not had the time to get to see what became of the flower bud as I was preoccupied by the grass and the weeds!

After a thorough mowing and weed-picking I was drained but I managed
to squeeze in a few minutes watching that bud bloom into a flower literally before my eyes. It was amazing.

I couldn’t help but to think about life
As we all go through it and how this little everyday experience is profoundly similar to our daily battles.

Stay with me……

We go through our days sometimes doing things that we don’t like to do, or have to do, many things that we think are vital to our survival and problems that we need to “weed out”.

We put ALL of our energy into, we feed & water those things because what we think about and put our energy into, in a way, tendszt to grow. We forget and push aside the beautiful, positive things ( positive thoughts) that we truly care for and are passionate about. We either don’t see or they fail to bloom in front of our eyes.

Somethings, some ideas, bloom when time and conditions are right. Sometimes there are many ideas, many little buds and maybe one of them blooms and the other ones remain simply because………. You can fill in the blank!

If you need inspiration look at the bud and the flower I admired today:

As always to your health and success in all your dreams and thoughts,

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One thought on “A Lesson in Inspiration

  • Onil

    I love also observing small details of natures like what you observed. It reminds me of my true purpose of being here on earth: a transient. Seeing these small details of life create peace and tranquility that is beyond understanding.