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Creative Thought

Creative Thought

As a scientist I have always believed in laws.  Laws of Thermodynamics, I was living by them and still do.  I always wondered about the connection between physical laws and what happens in our spiritual thoughts.  was there a connection?  I began to study (and I do everyday) not just science but different faith-based systems, never coming to a satisfactory answer that satiates my hunger for the unknown.

I began digging deeper.  There must be connection between what we imagine and think and how it becomes something physical. Just as a gas in nature is not visible yet subjected to physical changes of pressure and temperature it can become a solid physical substance. I have always accepted the fact that the energy in the universe is constantly changing from one form to another. I see it everyday before my eyes.   It is neither created  nor destroyed (1st law of Thermodynamics)but it is constantly changing, like a melodic motion seen in waves in the ocean.

So, I asked this question:  Can a THOUGHT be like an invisible form of a substance? And, can it transform into a solid form if subjected or focused (much like pressure)? And in theory, any thought we have, that we creatively conjure up, when focused will come into fruition.

The key here is creative THOUGHT and secondly constant FOCUS.  Back to the scientific analogy, if gas vapor is not pressured it will not turn into a liquid form and consequently, that liquid will not become a solid (i.e. Ice).

So what are we to do as free thinking human beings?

This is the single most important question we ask ourselves when we are faced with the future of our lives.

We can choose to allow forces of nature create our reality (outside influences, what others say, what happens in the world) or we can have a creative thought of what we want to become and “stick” to it with all of our energy, focused and positively charged emotions.

That separates the extraordinary from the rest.

This idea is not new, it has been studied and proven many times over.  It has been given names and titles by different scientists, philosophers, authors, gurus and motivational thinkers.  It is in every religion in the world.  It is the common thread, yet people fight over the semantics. Instead of burning their energy focusing on their creative thought they focus it on fighting with others. And, the outcome is war and hate and destruction. There must be a better way.

I personally call it CREATIVE THOUGHT.  That definition works for me and I am not going to argue with a scientist, religious scholar or a  self-help guru over nuance. I respect each person’s personal autonomy in what they choose to believe. It is better that way.

As always to your health and success in all your dreams and thoughts,

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2 thoughts on “Creative Thought works for me: Step 1 of 7

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    Hi, I do not normally post feedback on web sites, as I prefer to read only. However I find the web site that you have written earlier has very insightful information, and I discover it very informational. I was searching on Bing 4 thoughts on self improvement & discovered your exciting blog. Could you create something the same superb on how to self improve fast? Cheers. ~ Magdalena Stoen

  • Perseka Post author

    Magdalena, thanks for the comment. I am actually putting the finishing touches on a Free gift that I will post on the site very soon that outlines the the 7 steps along with a Bonus idea to help with self improvement. You have already read step one 🙂 If you are on Facebook check out the details to be posted very soon on exactly when that will be released. You can find us on facebook at