About Us

Persekalogo1We are a company of two who are making a difference one day at a time and we want to create a movement that will define a new social interaction. Through helping each person empowering that individual to do the same for someone else. We want to set the wheel in motion for this movement and by this everyone will succeed and prosper. In this process we will promote people and products that enhance and create a positive change for everyone involved.

Our Philosophy

We also provide Life and Success Coaching services.  Feel free to visit our coaching site at:

Perseka Life and Success Coaching

Let’s create something……
Let’s have a goal everyday
To create something that will in a small way change someone’s life….
One day it WILL transform the world….
We will work together to promote prosperity for all those who want and are willing to work hard to create in a positive way.
In Synergy we all succeed and prosper.


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