Synergy=Success Store

Here are some people and products that can really make a difference in your life in a positive way:

1.  An illustrated Children’s book authored and illustrated by Kaveh Adel about a Boy losing his Red Balloon and the journey of the Balloon to reunite with him. .  The message is simple: Never give up and Believe.

Visit the website.

Also, 10% of the profits are  donated to Make  A Wish Foundation and Autism Speaks.

Zox Pro Photographic memory

2. Ultimate Brain power- photographic memory, photographic learning by ZoxPro. If you plan to take your learning and awareness to the next level then you should definitely look into this link…………..CLICK HERE……

cafepress13. Checkout Our lighthearted t-shirt and product store on Cafe Press.  It’s  definitely for FUN!………..CLICK HERE