I love mistakes.

Yes, you read it right. It is not a misprint. Let me explain:


I love Mistakes

We all want things to be perfect. We get into our car and drive from our home to a destination that we drive to everyday. To us it is a routine, going from point A to point B. In our mind it might even be a straight shot, a seemingly perfect line.

But, it could not be further from the truth. Although it may seem that way no two days are the same. Some days it takes longer, other times we don’t even understand how we got there so fast. We never analyze how different the drive was and whether or not any thing changed or even if there were any mistakes.

We simply adjusted. In reality it was most likely a very jagged path we took, we may even have taken a back road once that we never took before but we still got there. Sometimes a back road that took longer but we kept moving. And we saw a new path that taught us something along the way.

Even a blocked path that forced us to do a U turn and inside our head say the infamous line by Homer Simpson, “D’Oh.” That mistake gave us feedback. Gave us something new. A lesson in awareness, well, more self-awareness.

Such is real life, mistakes are really only opportunities to learn and grow, a chance for self-improvement and success.

As long as we have the destination in focus we’ll get there and we should be thankful for mistakes because they remind us that it may be nerve wracking to have a “D’oh” moment but it can be fun and it will serve us well into the future. Being perfect all the time is boring and down right sets us up for failure as we can do no wrong– truly, that’s no way to live. Certainly no way to succeed!

So, I say with confidence: “I Love mistakes!”

That’s part of the path to self-development. Another important part is having a partner or a coach that helps us see the positives in the mistakes and learning lessons. Sometimes, that’s the missing part that keeps us on task, someone who keeps us accountable yet encourages us along the way. I certainly have benefited immensely from many coaches in my life and give credit to their guidance and patience with me!


As always to your health and success in all your dreams and thoughts,

Kaveh N. Adel, D.D.S. Personal Development and Life Coach
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