Start at the end (part 1) Remembered by Family

Family copyright 2012 Perseka

Family copyright 2012 Perseka

I have been reading extensively lately about character and how it is core of one’s success. After all, my quest has always been about self empowerment and how it leads to personal success.  I came across a passage that affected me deeply written by Stephen Covey.  To paraphrase, he suggested starting with “the end in mind” and piece together the path to get to the end by which you would like to be remembered.
So here is the first question, without getting too morbid,  when your Eulogy is read How would you like to be remembered by your FAMILY?  To answer this you must be truly honest with yourself and not have any distractions.  You get to this after you have found out what your purpose on this Earth really is, but that another matter which I will discuss later. For now concentrate on this visual,  your son(daughter) or your (wife/husband), maybe your mother (father) or just a loved one from your family whom you respect and would value his or her speaking about you is standing up to give a speech about YOU after you have passed on for whatever reason.   What would you like to hear about yourself if you were sitting in the audience?
Here is mine:
“He was a Husband/Son/father who was there When I needed Him.”
“He was and taught me to be kind, caring, giving, to love and choose to Love over all else.”
“He helped me become who I wanted to be not who he wanted me to be.”
“He taught me to be disciplined and focused in anything I set my mind to do.”
“He cared about my views, opinions, my autonomy, and was compassionate and respectful even if he disagreed with me.”


How does this help us achieve success? be ready for the other 3 part as I will reveal more about the design behind the madness!


As always to your health and success in all your dreams and thoughts,

Kaveh N. Adel, D.D.S. Personal Development and Life Coach
P.E.R.S.E.K.A. Personal Education Restoring Self Empowerment through Knowledge and Action
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