From Inspiration to Result

It is amazing to see how the process of inspiration, like a lightning bolt hitting you, plus hard work and focus on that inspiration produces results.

With the lightning bolt inspiration you have to make a choice:

1. Stand there and take no action. The result is: Getting burnt!

2. Take Action and channel and apply it and turn it onto a positive Track.

My personal example is about an incident that was so simple that we take it for granted. My son lost his balloon because he let go of the string. And that ate at him for a while, he was sad, angry even ashamed. That stuck with me. And days later on a long drive back in the cold snow covered roads I was hit with that lightning.

Once I arrived home…That same night….. I sat down and wrote a children’s book in 1 hour. I was thinking about my son. Also, my mind was fixed on the current events in the world. More importantly, I was feeling sick of how we always forget about many little things that may seem trivial but we take them for granted. So the words just started to flow! It did not matter if they were grammatically correct… it was 1 hour filled with inspiration and I fueled it with the music that used to inspire me when I was in College drawing sketches in my drawing class!

But, the words on paper were only half of the story. I had actually seen the characters and envisioned the book, the final result in my head that night. The actual physical book along with all the characters were clear as crystal in my mind.

I drew the illustrations within 3 days. The scanning, coloring took another 3 days but I hit a major wall. Yes, the wall I had talked about in my other posts. It took me almost 3 and a half months to figure out the publishing, the correct formatting and all things involved in getting in my little Boy’s hand to read it! I must have submitted it close to 15 times and every time rejected!

Rejection ;( ……..not great, but here was another opportunity to really use the same principle of sacrifice! And when I used it……results started to flourish!

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I had to actually learn something new and approach it from a completely different angle. And I did. then one morning after submitting the final proof with a little hope of approval….. I got the news. It was accepted.

The moral of this little anecdote is:

Don’t give up

because if your passion is strong about something and it is positive the world and YOU will find a way to get over the wall or the wall just disappears!

So the book is here and my little boy wants to read it every night and that means the world to ME. I am proud of it because it is from the heart and i touches his heart. I hope anyone who reads it will feel the same. And, if it does not, I will be happy that it may warm the heart of one or two people, hopefully in a positive way.

As I published the book, The Boy and the Red Balloon, I was also thinking of what I could do to help others so I am honored to donate 10% of the proceeds from the book to two charities that are near and dear to my heart,

1. Make a Wish foundation
2. Autism Speaks

It makes me and others who will read this book that it directly contributes and it may even grant a wish to a child in need or aid in healing another.

This is for those who have a dream.

Here is the link to purchase the Children’s book authored and illustrated by Kaveh Adel:

******GET the BOOK HERE*******

I wish for all of you to have unconditional Love, health and prosperity always,

©Perseka LLC 2010

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