Let Your Idea Grow, Be Patient!

In this world there are two forms in every kind or one that does both.

But there is always a an IDEA or a seed(requires a planter) and then its manifestation or physical evidence (requires a groomer).

Every seed has an incubation period but it needs fertile ground or surroundings to mature and grow. An idea is chosen by exposing oneself to positive surroundings. So plant a NEW, original and prosperous IDEA, create it in your mind. Then, follow through with intensity because the greater with intensity of seeking the sooner it comes.

So, how do we Increase the intensity? First, we focus our efforts and thoughts–laser sharp. Then, the degree of our Faith(not necessarily limited to only the religious kind) and belief in our thought, the more profound the intensity will be.

The hardest part is the belief. That is possible through: 1. learning constantly and 2. sticking with it. Both of them are in our control! Pretty much, being open to the idea that an IDEA will work opens the flood gates. But you just can’t sit back and watch, you have to ACT once the opportunity simply presents itself. When is that? How do you know when is the right time to ACT?

You will know…. Just as we know that every morning the sun comes up.

Someone said once, quite wisely, “If you come out of your box at midnight or noon it won’t matter , the sun will shine on you in TIME. When it is its time to shine!” It is in nature! 🙂

As we dream of becoming the best we can be we are actually going toward it, but with negative self-talk we begin to sabotage our own progress so trust the :

GESTATION period of an IDEA is SET. It will bear fruit in its own proper time!

Our ideas will never come FASTER than the period of time they take to mature. So think so BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS that it scares you. Because if you can think it, you can do it!

Here is a wonderful quote: “Make no small plans for they have not the magic to stir men’s souls”

Trust the world around you and not so much the specific expectation of a person or people. The right people are brought to you by the belief in your thoughts, that planted seed!

Don’t limit your results by deciding how long something should take. Just KNOW that it WILL come! I have to admit I was so intense about one IDEA that I had set a time limit for it to bear fruit and when the “deadline” came and went and no fruit…. I was thoroughly disappointed…… I will tell you in my next blog post how I got through that disappointment and finally the result I had envisioned came true! This is actually an exercise in itself! 🙂

This is just tip of the iceberg, there are many ways we can accomplish this. Through STUDY and LEARNING.

As always to your health and success in all your dreams and thoughts,

©Perseka LLC 2010

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