It’s a Matter of Choice

I had posted this on my Facebook Notes a while back but I figured it would be worth sharing on the blog as well! So, here it goes

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel down? no matter what you just can not get out of that spiral? No matter the reason you have three choices:

1. Let it spiral you down

2. Stay there (like a frozen computer)

3. CHOOSE to feel different, better……you ask, how can can I do #3?

Do something that in the past made you feel uplifted, (music, exercise, call a friend, take a bath, READ a book{personally the best}) but in short get in harmony with what truly makes you feel good ( and no I am not advocating eating a 1/2 gallon of Ben and Jerrys!) When you are in harmony, you will lift yourself out by yourself and you will affect others around you as well… me favor..NO, do yourself a favor: just try it!

I know there are many who suffer from many problems(physical, psychological, etc.) and I know that there are many who may not have cures for those but all it takes is effort to feel better and enjoy TODAY…tomorrow’s battles are left to be fought tomorrow! 🙂

And also there are also other ways to relax and help take a load off.

As always to your health and success in all your dreams and thoughts,

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