7 Steps to Beat Fear and Anxiety 2

How do we break the power that fear and anxiety have over us? Here are 7 quick steps:

1. Know that it is ok to feel the fear because it might give us warning of what to prepare for, afterall we do have a fight or flight response we do need to protect ourselves from dangers but unnecessary, self-imposed fear is another subject! But it is OK to feel that fear, let’s you know you’re human!

2. Tell yourself all the great reasons you need to break free from it. AND, Write on paper because it makes it real and now you have something to focus your attention on!

3. Visualize the positive outcome even though it’s not done yet! YES, it sounds hokey but trust me on this. The next point drives it home!

4. Know that no matter what happens, you are no better or worse off than when you started. Pretty self-explanatory, right?

5 . Don’t just hang, take the action preferably towards that positive outcome you just visualized. The worst thing to do is to sit there and replay the actual fear in your heads instead of doing something about it!

6. When it is over, no matter what the outcome -give yourself a pat on the back. Doing something is much more productive than spiraling downwards and feeling bad that you didn’t do anything! So congratulate yourself, why not!

7. If you know you must get what you want, Change your approach until you do get it. Don’t give up!

I personally would avoid medications and try to rationally deal with problems as much as possible. There is an option to beat anxiety and fear.

Beat anxiety attacks and fear

But, there are times when talking to others and seeking professional help is necessary!  As someone really close to me said once, we are our own healers, we just need to listen to ourselves more often!


As always to your health and success in all your dreams and thoughts,

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2 thoughts on “7 Steps to Beat Fear and Anxiety

  • irie zantae

    thank you for this! so many people need to know that they can beat anxiety without the help of a doctor..or anyone else but themselves really. this is a key to help people become more self sufficient and know their own TRUE healing powers.

  • Perseka Post author

    I agree whole heartedly. We have the power to do just about anything with our minds, good & bad. We can dismantle triggers or create them with that power. Thank you for the comment.