Keys to Success with a Little Help

I recently saw a video by Tony Robbins (yes, the infamous Tony Robbins–the man who does not like to be labeled “motivational speaker”) and what he said struck a chord with me. So here are the keys to success(with a little help from Mr. Robbins for his wonderful insights and energy)

1. Feed and Control your Mind. In essence what we feed our minds tends to manifest before us, if it is fear we will experience it every step of the way, if it is bliss and happiness, it shall be so! How to do this? Read, engage in an activity that motivates you in a positive direction….and no watching TV does not really count because it is predigested information. READ! And repeat what you have read and leaned to yourself!

2. Feed and Strengthen your Body. Let’s face it: mind and body are connected, I know it sounds trite but it’s true! If your body is weak and uninspired and unmotivated, then your mind can not accomplish all the positive ideas and thoughts! Start with something, anything that makes your muscle move and your heart pump. Your heart, literally needs to feel alive again! put your shoes on and walk a little, then run……run human run!

3. Find a Role Model that Inspires you. Whether it is someone you look up to and want to emulate or if it is someone who has had it so bad and made it through that you’d think if you are thankful that you are not in his or her situation. Learn about what they did to get to where they are now.

4. Take MASSIVE Action. Do something, start somewhere instead of spending your time just planning for the perfect conditions. As you start to create, then you will figure out the way…. opportunities and roads open up in front of you. progress and creation= happiness. Your intuition will guide you through as long as you have the first three steps locked in! But the magic happens in the final step…

5. Feed your Spirit. Be grateful for what you have in life and in return give something to ones who are not fortunate. This is not just once a year for thanksgiving, it’s as many much as you can.

I do want to again credit Mr. Robbins with this inspiration. although I have been talking about these steps here and there in my previous posts, I think he sums it up nicely.

As always to your health and success in all your dreams and thoughts,

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p.s feel free to share this with anyone whom you think will benefit from it!

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