Conception to Fruition Non-linearly!

Today I am a little bit off the normal subjects I write about but I still think there is a connection.  I am never the type to have linear thought process.  In fact,  I am against it! World comes at us from many directions, in a chaotic whirlwind fashion. So why do we have to look at things and write in a manner that is in the exact opposite way the nature is intended to be…….Now, before you go on and say that I am full of you-know-what hear me out.

I have been studying my young kids patterns and behaviors for the past 4 1/2 years.  Also have been studying their learning patterns too.  From the time they were conceived they process was not linear( in fact, when we look at the moment of conception there are millions of sperms trying to to enter the egg but they are not all lined up in  queue…quite the contrary, they are surrounding the eggs from every possible angle X, Y and Z axes(to get nerdy on you!) but once that conception occurs it is a beautiful thing! Side note: I don’t take that process very lightly and I know that there are many people who struggle with that(i.e infertility) as many of us take it for granted. But there is help out there for the frustrated parents-wannabees! back on track now,  Try following a 1 and 1/2 year old for 10 minutes! do you think there is a pattern? He/she picks up a toy here, within 20 seconds it’s off to the drawers and everything is out in less than 10 seconds…then off to the kitchen and all the utensils are on the floor, 5 seconds later there is temper tantrum over nothing…shall I go on???? Maybe, a pattern of Chaos!!! But, the THOUGHT process for the child is the key: it wants to learn but not in a linear way!!! But, again it is a beautiful thing because at the end what matters the most is this:

Someone learned something whether it was from trial and error or if it was the pain of being unable to conceive and trying again or if it was the first words that were uttered by the little Tasmanian Devil!

The commonality in all this is that all of these experiences start with a seed, really a THOUGHT and once they are nourished properly then the flower.

Sometimes all the right things are there but nothing seems to come to fruition.  Our tendency is to become frustrated and throw in the towel but keeping steadfast to the dream, the THOUGHT(with all parties involved and in SYNERGY) the right things will appear. I’ll say it again, with ALL parties involved and on board! That’s when patience and  a little gratitude will go a long way.  I am reminded of a simple concept:

If you plant a seed in the soil in the spring and water it and allow the sun to nourish it, you will most likely have a growing bud by the summer!

If you plant that same seed in late fall, water it, give it the light that it needs, it won’t bud in the winter…… but come early spring it might!

All in due time!

Again, a little patience and gratitude will go a long way and keeping steady on course with the original thought!

See? non-linear thing isn’t so bad after all! From conception to fruition it may take many twists and turns but it will make it after all!

As always to your health and success in all your dreams and thoughts,
©Perseka LLC 2009

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