A Mental Exercise in Positivity

I always wonder about forces in nature. There are polar opposite forces at play in everything we see and experience physically. Let’s face it: there are forces that keep life going and once the machinery in our bodies stops:…… Yes,  the obvious occurs.

The apple falls from the tree branch on top of Sir Issac Newton’s head…His head breaks the force of gravity, aside from the obvious PAIN he experiences but as  a consequence he discovers the law of gravity… a surprising positive in light of a negative.

So, what is the point of this little mental exercise? In every occurrence in life, and I am taking about the abstract stuff not specifically the physical manifestations, like the loss of a loved one or getting laid off, maybe addition of a new member to the family or acceptance to a prestigious college…take your pick; There exists an opposite of the same degree or force.  The occurrence itself is not as important as it is relative to something else that makes us judge the situation. The flip side of each life experience is always worth exploring and even embracing!

We know that life has its ups and downs. And there are times when we are tested, and tested , and tested some more.  When something is so bad that we can not bear to even think about it, here within it we WILL find something EQUALLY good. OPPOSITE and EQUAL. We need to look for it, though.

That is the challenge

And it gets better when we exercise that mental muscle……

Give it try.  Start with the most trivial things first!  Trust me, the next time you had to stop at that red light and you were in a hurry to get somewhere,


about the extra 3 minutes that you have to wait and what that would have given you if you were ahead!  Maybe, something not so pleasant could have happened ahead of you and you stopping at that light saved your life?  I know, I am using an extreme example, but try it.

Would you share about your experiences?


Success in anything in part depends on this principle. This mental exercise!

As always to your health and success in all your dreams and thoughts,

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