Start at the end (part 2) Remembered by Friends


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True Friend

As promised here is part of my thoughts on finding your true character and  how it is core of one’s success. I do so by giving credit to Mr. Stephen Covey, as this is mostly inspired by reading his books and the concept of starting with “the end in mind”
So here is the second question, when your Eulogy is read How would you like to be remembered by your FRIENDS?  You must be brutally honest with yourself.
Here is mine:
1. A friend who listened, was there when I was at my worst and my best.
2. He helped me whenever I needed him.
3. He knew when to give me space when I needed but…….
4. He was always a phone call away.
5. He truly cared about and genuinely was interested in what was and is important in my life…..
6. Yet when he did not agree with me and my choices he was not afraid to be direct but he was compassionate in listening to my side of the story.
7. His faith in my abilities, sometimes unknown to me, was like having an extra set of wings when I felt I was in a free fall!
8. He had an odd but very effective way of getting me to see a solution that was in front of me.
9. He was like a brother whom I would be proud to call my real, flesh-and-blood brother.
In case you missed parts 1 and 2 here they are:
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As always to your health and success in all your dreams and thoughts,

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