Are You a By-Product of External Forces? or Not?

For the longest time I thought that my life was controlled by external forces such as economy, geographic limitations, financial limitations, language, family issues….shall I go on with this list?  On my last birthday I had an epiphany.  I started learning and searching and reading in more depth than I had ever done before. I suddenly started to see things through a different lens:

My own

I figured out that everything that has happened to me is due to a series of thoughts and actions I personally took, or actually in many cases ACTIONS that I did not take!  I had let many things in my life be decided for me and I LET them happen. I had been faced with a challenge (the WALL) and I chose the safe,  the easy way. I allowed myself to fall back to my comfort zone  and until that moment of realization I had my future decided and defined.

What did I realize?  Well, very simply that I had relinquished my ability to control my future by allowing my thoughts to be aligned with my surroundings, the people around me……. and many of those influences were not the right ones for me.  I am not saying they were right or wrong as if I am passing judgment on them, no.. not at all.  They were just not right for me.  But at that time I did not even know clearly what and who I wanted to be, or I had allowed other influences and people define who I needed to be!   The epiphany was profound, the realization was extremely life changing.

I had all these years been a victim of my own inability to take responsibility to be who I wanted to be!!!

Say that ten times in a row! Such a convoluted web that was!

How to get out of it?

In short:

1. Plant the idea of being exactly who you envision yourself to be….

2. Feed that seed with positive thoughts despite evidence to the contrary(i.e. break through the wall)

3. Take action on those positive thoughts

4. Ramp it up with elements around you(people, circumstances) that resonate with you! That’s Synergy!

There are so many example that one can use in one’s own life. If any of the ideas above struck a chord with you,  I encourage you to write about them.  Send  us your comments, feel free to share your experiences with us.  Through synergy we all learn too!

Until next time,

Wishing success for you all,


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